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Broad Run Golfer’s Course (formally Tattersall) is located approximately 38 miles west of Center City Philadelphia in the rolling hills of Chester County, PA.  The course is spread out over 300 plus acres of hilly terrain.  Flat lies are the exception so expect many shots with the ball below or above your feet. On this particular day, we were fortunate to have near perfect weather after coming off what seemed like weeks of rain.  The overall condition of the course was good.  Having played this venue a number of times, historically the greens are a little slower than surrounding...

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Double Bogey:  As many readers in the Northeast will already know, rain was in the forecast much of the Spring and Summer of 2018.  White Clay Creek Golf Course took the brunt of at least one storm.  Approximately 3 weeks prior to playing the course, a major storm took direct aim at the usually pristine grounds.  The White Clay Creek was more like a raging river and inundated much of the course.  In addition, poor timing of aeration made the course much less enjoyable than it could have been.  This review was based on the conditions of the course...

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