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Hershey RV Show – Hershey, PA

Leisure Travel Wonder RTB

This is by no means a review of the Hershey RV show but rather a small taste of what is there.  The Hershey RV show is advertised as the largest RV show in the United States.  It takes up the majority of the parking area for Hershey Park.  The first time you attend the show, you are amazed by the number of RV’s present.  There must be hundreds of millions of dollars of RV’s at the show.

The RV’s range from one person pop ups to 45 foot Class A motorhomes valued in excess of $1 million.  In addition to RV manufactures and local dealerships, a variety of smaller booths are setup to facilitate things like road repairs and insurance.  If you are an RV gadget person, there is everything you could possibly need for an RV at this show.

On this particular day, I was laser focused on one particular manufacturer – Leisure Travel.  .  Leisure Travel is a Canadian based manufacture of Class B+ vans.  Some would argue that no such class exists and they may be correct, but that is what Leisure Travel advertises.

Today I was there to take a close look at the Wonder model – the RTB model to be specific.  RTB stands for Rear Twin Bed.  This model has two features that I think differentiate it from many other RV’s in the same class and price range.  The first is based on its name, Rear Twin Beds.  This unit sleeps two in the master suite area so if you want to take a long weekend or do a road trip with a golfing friend, this unit will be perfect.

The second feature which I have never seen on a Class B+ is what they call the “garage”.  Leisure Travel has designed the rear of the vehicle to accommodate a rather large space about 3 feet high, two feet wide and through the entire rear end.  It’s a “through and through” compartment.  There is plenty of room to store two bikes, golf clubs, tables and general storage items.  In fact, there is a roll out platform designed to mount two bikes on for easy storage and removal.

The design also has included tons of storage under both the twin beds.  So much storage in fact, there is actually a place to hang shirts on hangers.  This design does come at a cost.  There is virtually no outside storage.  Typically many RV’s this size have storage compartments around the perimeter of the vehicle.  This one has one small compartment next to the clean out area.  This area would be used for your electrical hookup cable as well as some gloves or cleaning supplies.  It is only about a 2’ X 2’ X 2’ compartment.  So, like most good things, there are trade-offs.  I happen to think the tradeoff is worth it.

I hope to schedule a test drive in the next week or so and will provide further feedback at that time.